Vray Tricks


When placing a V-Ray camera, or anyway, a simple camera, we can achieve a more realistic view of our architectural render.

How would the scenes appear to us, if we 'd be on a close sidewalk?

We have a more realistic effect if we put the camera at a hight of about 1.70m from the "ground".

We dont have to target the vertical edge of a building with a 45 degrees angle. Usually we don't walk towards things with such a precise angle. And very often it is better not to have this edge in the middle of the view.

Roll the camera few or one degree on a side, or slightly target the floor.

A house with "people in "would have some of its rolling shutters irregularly up or down.

Now some numbers in order to mimic the human eye with our V-Ray Camera:

Film Gate: 36 mm

Focal lenght: 43.2 mm

ISO: from 100 to 800If there is something in the scene that would catch our attention, we better include it, as suggested by the "laws" of the composition of image...

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