DEBBplugin: System for Architectural Skin

---- Create facades in minutes.


Description: DEBB plugin it is an expert system to develop facades, based in the DENVELOPS construction system, and two methodologies: BAM & Brainstorming Code, both thinked and created by SEEDstudio.  We are creating a architectural smart skin system. You are welcome to collaborate in this development or in free use it. 

Year: 2020 - 2021
Category: Construction & Innovation
Type: Architectural Skin
Service: Research + Development + Innovation + Marketing
Barcelona, España



  • DEBB Ver 0.6 / 5 oct 21 / Grasshopper 7 Win / Two new components were added
    • Features:
      • New Components:
        With this two new components, you can create more than 2K differents facades, each one in few minutes, depend of your processador and your mental ability to combine the data.
        • Generative Tool #1
        • Color Methods

  • DEBB Ver 0.5 / 27 jul 21 / Grasshopper 7 Win / It is a first & smart system for architectural skin, but powerfull & intelligent.
    • Features:
      • Based in generative system
      • Two Parametric Components
        • Rectangular to Circular / Geometry
        • 4ColorPattern / Color
      • With Parameters combination, it´s possible to create differents facades in few minutes.

Documents by DENVELOPS & collaborators.