Direct Stiffness Method promised, these past days I've been researching on the possiblity of efficiently use the SBRA through the application of MonteCarlo methods.

I have been successful in my research and I have found this very interesting course:

It is extremely complete!!

I have used it to refresh my rusted matrix knowledge from my university years, and so far I have managed to implement a very simple program - though effective for my purposes - that will allow me to benchmark the most time-consuming tasks in classical analysis.

This is a very brief resume of the algorithm from the course outlined above:


  • Breakdown
    • Disconnection
    • Localization
    • Member Formation
  • Assembly 
    • Globalization
    • Merge
    • Application of boundary conditions
  • Solution
  • Recovery of derived quantities

The code provided in the course is for Mathematica®, so all I have to do is translate it to C++.

I will provide the lines of code in the following posts.