Working Programme

Well, today is the beginning of the new approach towards the thesis!
According to my calendar, I still have 7,5 months here in Cercedilla (60km north of Madrid), in my parents' house, with nothing to worry about but "ora et labora"...
So, it seems reasonable to try to develop a full physics environment of my own, where at least I can control and understand everything that happens on it...maybe later on I can go back to ODE or Bullet!
According to documentation on Bullet and ODE, common physics engines implement the following:
  • Collision detection
  • Rigid body dynamics
  • Constraints
  • Soft body dynamics

The thing is that I also want to implement Finite Element Analysis and Stochastic environment...So my research timeline could be as follows:

  • February: Collision detection+Stochastic environment
  • March: Rigid body dynamics+Stochastic environment
  • April: Rigid body dynamics+Finite Element Analysis
  • May: Rigid body dynamics+Constraints+Finite Element Analysis
  • June: Rigid body dynamics+Soft body dynamics
  • July: Finite Element Analysis+Soft body dynamics
  • August: Finite Element Analysis
  • September: Stochastic environment
Of course, it is important to have in mind that everything doesn't have to be perfectly implemented. A rough and working sample of each item should be enough, as long as the whole system allows for further improvements.
I count heavily on the already developed code (Bullet and ODE are open source) and on the extensive documentation available (which sometimes is more a burden than a relief).
There are also two important deadlines:
  • June for the presentation of the thesis proposal to the UPC jury
  • October for the mobility grant to Ljubljana
Well...time will tell!

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